Sunday, April 4, 2010

it's been a while

Do you ever have those times when you wonder how many things can be pack into such a short time? I don’t necessarily mean activities, but new thoughts, ideas, perspectives. That has been the past four days for me.

It has been marked by a life-giving conversation while hiking with Kristin, time to rest at home, finishing a big application, a long time to think in read while on a long layover in O’Hare, Easter service this morning at my church here in Grant County, and lunch afterwards with some friends from the church.

It’s been a lot of thinking, but it has been a much needed time of being refreshed. That will prove helpful as the conference I am in charge of is less than two weeks away. I’m sure many of those thoughts will be making their way here as I can better articulate them, but for now this will do.

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